Barbie Dolls - Cute Inmates for the Stylish Doll Houses

Published: 31st January 2011
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Barbie dolls and the various dolls houses can bring a lovely charm to your daughter's toys collection. They come in a variety of designs and concepts to make your little ones amused every time they look at them.

Barbie Dolls - Young Girls' Ultimate Fantasy

With a touch of elegance, fashion and feminine, Barbie dolls stand out to be the prized fantasy of every young girl. Over the years, they have turned out to be one of the most desirable play accessories for girls who can relate themselves with these cute and smiling Barbie dolls. There are various types of Barbie dolls which are available in the market and they are well known for their attractive outfits, cute smiles, stylish accessories and of course their doll houses.

The history of these dolls goes back to the year 1959, when a toy manufacturing firm called Mattel based in the United States launched them in the market. The dolls have earned huge popularity over the years in the different parts of the world and gradually turned into an international toy item. The first concept of Barbie doll was introduced by a woman called Ruth Handler. Each Barbie is unique in its own way and the various accessories provided with them create an indelible impression on the minds of the customers.

Victorian Doll Houses - Designer Dolls’ Homes

As the fashionable Barbie dolls need stylish homes for a comfortable living experience, the Victorian doll houses act as ideal abodes for them. These suave doll houses come in a range of fabulous designs and each of them are an epitome of vintage luxury style living. The aura of the Victorian architecture with its themed décor makes the Victorian doll houses outstanding pieces of home collectibles. They have also been provided with classic names like Beacon Hill, White Victorian, Lady Miniature, Little Tikes etc. These miniature items make it very easy for the girls to keep their Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories in them.

Wooden Doll Houses- Luxurious Abodes for Dolls

Wooden dolls houses are innovative and come in a variety of designs, styles and concepts. Girls can extend their imaginative horizons, arrange the furniture of the houses, decorate them and keep the dolls in the various rooms. These doll houses are sold in the market with captivating names like Mellisa & Doug, Kid Kraft, The Willow Greenleaf, Greenleaf Fairfield etc. The affordability of the houses makes it easy for the customers to buy them.

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